December 18, 2014

Welcome Dodger Fans!

As my Dodger spirit warms to the heat being emanated from the Hot Stove League this December, I’ve found myself thinking ahead to Spring Training, and our hopes for a World Series berth for our beloved LA Dodgers.

Depite my scepticism about Ned Colletti’s ability to pull off a truly smart trade, there’s no denying that it’s going to be an exciting year for the boys in blue. The signing of Andruw Jones is certainly a positive, and I’m excited to see how the Club celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the team’s arrival in Los Angeles.

In any case, more to come on all of this in the coming weeks and months ahead, but I first wanted to welcome you all to my blog, LA Dodger Blue! This will be an open forum on everything related to the Dodgers, and all viewpoints and opinions are welcome (and encouraged).

Here’s to an exciting season of Dodger baseball!