November 27, 2014

Week One of the McCourt Divorce Rolls On

We’re not legal experts over here at, so when it comes to interpreting the moves and counter moves going on in the courthouse during the McCourt divorce trial, we highly recommend reading the great work of Josh Fisher over at  In my opinion, this is what blogging is all about: here’s a Dodger fan with a professional speciality that gives him the ability to provide context to the legal maneuverings by Frank and Jamie.  Like a baseball game, Josh evaluates the players involved, their strategies and the results.  Brilliant.  He even made the trip back to Southern California from Minneapolis to cover the start of the trial.  Now that’s commitment.

Oh, and if you’re into the hour by hour minutia of the trial, you can also follow Josh on Twitter as he tweets from inside the courtroom.  Another expert on the McCourt divorce is Molly Knight from ESPN The Magazine, and she’s also on the scene in downtown LA so follow her on Twitter as well for another perspective.  You’ve got to love technology!