November 26, 2014

Was Joe Torre to Blame for Dodgers Loss in Game 4 of NLCS?

Bill Plaschke had a good summary from Dodger Stadium – it was the PITCHING that did us in last night, and some of the choices were really perplexing…

The Wade and Kershaw choices were the strangest ones for me. Wade threw over 30 pitches the night before in the Dodgers win in game 3 – was it really necessary to bring him in ahead of Kuo? The Kershaw situation was another strange one…Clayton doesn’t have experience in the postseason and had only acted as a relief pitcher three times in the entire 2008 season – definitely not a seasoned veteran for mid-game appearances.

Bottom line – we may have stocked up on hitting with the likes of Manny Ramirez and Casey Blake this year, but pitching may be the piece that costs the Dodgers the chance at the World Series. Don’t blame Torre, blame the pitching dilemma we are in – an issue that is the responsibility of the Dodgers front office.