December 18, 2014

Exclusive: It’s Official, No Makeup Game for Kemp

UPDATE: Yesterday I wrote about the potential opportunity that a makeup game for the September 7th rain-out with the Nationals would provide for Matt Kemp’s Triple Crown and 40 HR / 40 SB chances.

Since then, I checked in with Dodgers VP of Communications Josh Rawitch and asked about the possibility of the Dodgers officially requesting that the September 7th rain-out with the Washington Nationals be made up at  the end of the regular season, if Kemp was close to either record. Rawitch informed me that he confirmed with Major League Baseball that “this isn’t really a game that would be made up if the only thing to be determined was an individual player’s statistics.” Rawitch went on to state that he did not think that the Dodgers would make such a request, given the large number of other players from both teams that would be impacted.  So that’s that!