December 20, 2014

The Legend of Joe Beimel as Told By a 2nd Grader

TroyFromWestVirginia is back, and this time he is spreading the Gospel of Joe Beimel according to TroyFromWestVirginia via his daughter’s second grade class.

The video below sums it all up – Troy takes us through the assignment, reads the statement his daughter will present, and highlights the Joe Beimel Bobblehead “show and tell” that will be forthcoming.

He adds that his daughter will proclaim that The Legend of Joe Beimel is an “internet phoenomenon” and share some details about how Joe stumbled across the series of videos.

At the end, Joe mentions that his daughter will bring up Beimel’s free agency and the fact that he may not be back. Watch at about the 6:45 mark – I think you can see a tear forming in Troy’s eye at that point.

It’s 7:51 long, but pretty entertaining nonetheless.