December 20, 2014

The Chronicles of Manny, Chapter Four

One year, $25 million.  That’s the latest offer that was received tonight, according to Dylan Hernandez.

It’s an interesting offer with Ned going high on salary, but super short on years.  I actually like this offer, primarily because it keeps Manny honest – if he accepts, he’ll have to play hard throughout the contract to prove to potential suitors next year that he’s worth the money and 4-5 years that Boras is asking for.  It’s also good for Manny, as if he feels the multi-year offers are too low he can save face by taking the Dodgers’ offer.  It’s not likely that other clubs can match or beat this, as I don’t think anyone else has the kind of cash on hand that the Dodgers do.

Now do I think he’ll actually take this deal?  Not anytime soon.  Manny isn’t known to be a fan of Spring Training, and any excuse to prolong this in the hopes of dragging in more offers seems somewhat likely.  This then begs the question of how long the Dodgers will wait for Manny, as they certainly don’t want to lose out on Bobby Abreu or Adam Dunn.

Only time will tell…