December 19, 2014

Talkin’ Dodger Baseball with NPR

Here at, we’re always happy to speak to media outlets about the Dodgers, but I was particualrly thrilled and honored to get a call from my favorite NPR affiliate, KCRW-FM, asking if I could speak with them about the current state of the Dodger organization.  The segment aired in the local news portion of “Morning Edition” (in keeping with the moment, I tried to use my best NPR-voice)  and although it was heavily edited, I think it turned out pretty well.

Here was the lead-in, which isn’t on the audio file:

Could Frank McCourt finally be on his way out of Dodgerville?

As the World Series wraps up and concludes the baseball season either tonight or tomorrow in St. Louis, there’s news from Delaware that could cheer the hearts of Dodger fans who just suffered through one of the most agonizing years in franchise history.
A bankruptcy court trial that was scheduled to begin Monday has suddenly been postponed – and there’s word that McCourt and Major League Baseball asked for the delay to continue negotiations on a settlement that would require him to sell the team.
That would be a welcome development for Chris Volk, a blue-blooded, third-generation Dodger supporter and author of the blog dodger-fan-dot-net. He spoke to KCRW producer Darrell Satzman about the season of Dodger fan’s discontent…