December 21, 2014

Old Friend Alert: Trayvon Robinson

With the Dodgers arriving in Seattle for a weekend series, The Seattle Times conducted an online chat for fans with former Dodger minor leaguer, and current AAA center fielder for the Tacoma Rainiers, Trayvon Robinson.

There are a few questions about the Dodgers that will be of interest for readers of this blog (for one, Trayvon considers the Dodgers more strict as an organization than the Mariners).  He also spoke about his interactions with the Dodgers’ Hall of Famers:

When you were with the Dodgers did you get to meet any of their Hall of Fame players and what was that like?

Everybody knows Tommy Lasorda. Tommy, if you were a first round pick or 50th round pick or free-agent signing, he loves you like you were his kid. For him to know my name still when I walk by him, that’s incredible. I knew Don Newcombe, Sweet Lou Johnson, Maury Wills – I got to give him a call later. I haven’t checked in with him lately. Tommy Davis. The one who kind of made me what his attitude is like was Duke Snider before he passed away. When I met Duke Snider, I introduced myself to him and he told me he was from Compton, I said, “What? You’re from Compton.” I shook his hand and he had big hands, and I asked what kind of bat he swung. He said a 35-35, and he went off on the little bats other people were swinging.  I thought, man, I really like this guy.