December 18, 2014

Five Tweets with…Orel from the Sons of Steve Garvey

It’s the start of a new week, and that means a new installment of “Five Tweets with..”  As a refresher, each week we select one person from the world of Major League Baseball and then beg, bribe, cajole and/or twist their arm until they participate.  We ask them five questions, they tweet their responses back to us, and we post ‘em here.  The questions do not change, but how people interpret and answer them does.  Think of this as our way to learn a little more about the people that play, cover, work with, tweet about and cheer on professional baseball teams, with an emphasis on the Dodgers.

This week we’re psyched to have the witty Orel from the always irreverent Dodgers blog Sons of Steve Garvey and @sosgsosg participating.  The Sons keep it lighthearted and fun throughout the season, always looking for pop culture tie-ins and intelligent, humorous banter at every turn.  Their site is one of our favorites to check in at during a game, and theirs was the site that we first looked to when trying to figure out our place in the Dodgers blogging landscape.

Note: Keep in mind that Orel kept to the spirit of the project by answering his questions via Twitter, so he had to make do with the 140 character limit for each answer. 

Five Tweets with… Dodgers Blogger Orel from

1. What excites you the most about this season?

Kemp-Ethier-Manny 2-3-4. Healthy Furcal. Kershaw nominated for sainthood.

2. What is your biggest concern about this season?

Stagnation or injuries, or in Martin’s case, both. That the rotation falls apart. That the team becomes a sideshow.

3. What is your earliest baseball memory?

John Candelaria no-hitting the Dodgers He has been on my ON NOTICE list ever since.

4. What is your favorite baseball memory?

Gibson, of course. I was screaming and running around an empty dorm like an inmate freed from the asylum.

5. Why do you love the game?

Stadiums, hot dogs and the seventh-inning stretch. Robinson, Clemente and Ichiro. And yes, even Candelaria.


SOSG Vote: There Can Be Only One

Fans of some of the great Dodger blogs will be very familiar with the humor, wit and sense of community that is fostered over at the Sons of Steve Garvey.  So when I heard that one of the Sons was going to be laid off, I knew we needed to get involved.  After all, I fell victim to a “corporate restructuring” in 2009, and I won’t let that happen to my blogging bretheren!

So far, Roberto over at Vin Scully is My Homeboy has cast his vote for Sax, and now we need to weigh in.  But here’s the challenge: I consider myself friends with two of the Sons…Orel and Sax.  Sax and I even know each other outside of the world of the Dodgers, and I’ve taken an oath to keep his identity a secret (which I have done).  Orel, on the other hand, I know from a myriad of blogger events we’ve been to together over the past few years.

This is almost like picking between two of your kids (well, if I had kids, this is what I imagine it would be like).  When we first launched our site, Orel and Sax from SOSG were the first to reach out to us and show their support, and for that, we’ve always been grateful.

But, as The Highlander says, “There can be only one.”  And that one, is Orel.  The guy is a constant at Dodger events at Chavez Ravine and his willingness to share his thoughts and experiences with other Dodger bloggers to grow the community as a whole is admirable.  Plus, I challenge you to ever see the guy without a smile on his face…maybe it’s those photos of fellow Dodger fans that keep him so happy.

Good luck Orel (and Sax)…we’re pulling for you both, but if push comes to shove, we’re going with Orel!