December 19, 2014

The Return of the Wolf

Finally!  Yup, it’s done.  Ken Gurnick is reporting that lefty Randy Wolf is back with the Dodgers for 2009 after signing a one-year deal for $5 million.

In previous posts we’ve rationalized the myriad of reasons that this signing is great for the Dodgers, but allow me to summarize:

– Another lefty for the starting rotation

– A mentor for the young pitching staff

–  A guy with the potential to eat up a lot of innings (in 2008 he had 33 starts and  190+ innings)

Personally I hope Ned goes out and signs another starter (ala Pedro), but I think that’s just wishful thinking given the handful of tomato cans he’s signed to minor league deals over the past few weeks.

Time to focus on the relief pitching…

Are the Dodgers Hungry Like the Wolf?

Sorry, couldn’t resist an ’80’s Duran Duran reference.  So it looks like Ned is zeroing in on lefty Randy Wolf.  As reports, last year Wolf had 33 starts, going 12-12 with a 4.30 ERA.  When Randy pitched for the Dodgers in 2007 he started 18 games and was 9-6 with a 4.73 ERA. 

My take is that Wolf is a solid #3 starter.  Nothing really to get excited about here, given that on average he made it through 5.7 innings last year, but there aren’t that many left-handers left out there and Randy has proven to be a productive starter when healthy.