December 18, 2014

SooHoo Shows His Stuff to Dodger Fans

>As our loyal readers know, we love learning a little about some of the great people behind the scenes with the Dodgers and, as amateur photographers, we really love the work of team shooter Jon SooHoo (plus he’s one of the nicest guys you will ever meet).  Two seasons ago we had the honor of shadowing Jon for a game and seeing what his day to day life is like at Camelback Ranch, and there we learned a lot more about the man behind the lens.

If you’re not already aware, SooHoo has been blogging all off-season, each day posting one photo and anecdote from his 27-year career with the Dodgers.  It’s a remarkable collection and a real treat for baseball fans everywhere.  Every shot either brings back old memories or gives you a fresh perspective of the life of a major league baseball team.  Best of all, Jon truly humanizes the people involved.  In today’s world it’s easy to get jaded and cynical when following a professional sports team, but Jon’s images show us a depth of emotion that you don’t normally see, and that’s due to the fact that he’s earned the trust of the players and coaching staff alike.

I can only imaginehow hard it is to shoot professional baseball, day in and day out, and keep the content fresh and compelling.  Somehow, Jon continues to surprise us.

I found it hard to pick just one shot to feature here, but the following photo just left me saying, “wow.”  It’s one of the most beautiful shots of Dodger Stadium that I’ve ever seen.  Here’s how Jon describes it:

“This image has always been one of my favorites. I was looking for something different to shoot on this Fireworks Night in 2004 other than the obvious fireworks. As the fireworks were blowing off, the bright colors that were emitted beyond the pavillions were lighting the stadium with a wonderful glow all the way up the elevator tower. With my Canon EOS MarkII camera and 14mm mounted on a tripod, I found this angle and lowered down to include the mound.  As the show went on longer, smoke started blowing over the stadium seating area which happened to add to the image.”   

I seriously can’t wait for his Spring Training shots to start being posted.  If you can’t be at Camelback Ranch in person, there’s no better way to visually experience the magic of Dodger baseball.

Photo Credit:  © Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers

Jon SooHoo’s Look Inside Spring Training

As most Dodger fans know, team photographer (and friend of Jon SooHoo has unbelievable access inside the Dodgers clubhouse, and I wanted to share some of his photos from the past few days – after all, he shoots the team for the fans as much as for the club itself.  We’ll continue to post Jon’s images throughout Spring Training and the regular season, so check back for more inside looks into the lives of the Dodger players, coaches and fans.  Oh, and sorry for the duplicates below…some small issues going on with my photo uploader.

Photo Credit: Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers 2011