December 20, 2014

Joe Torre’s Laid Back Style

I find it interesting that every time Joe Torre was interviewed in the months leading up to Spring Training and a reporter asked him what he thought about the team, he responded that he hadn’t spoken to most of his players, so really hadn’t formed many opinions yet.  Andre Either confirmed this in an interview I heard on Dan Patrick’s radio show the other week.  I do recall reading reports that Torre called Andruw Jones after he signed, welcoming him to the team, which is a promising sign. 

The funniest story making the rounds is about how Joe Torre was eating at an IHOP restaurant in Vero Beach, and Russell Martin stopped by his table to introduce himself.  Ok, you’d think Joe would have at least called Russell, one of his team MVPs!  My other big question is what the hell was Russell doing in an IHOP in the days leading up to Spring Training?  I guess the man loves his pancakes!

Maybe it’s just me, but this behavior seems a bit odd for a new manager of a team.  But hey, it’s Joe Torre, right?  The guy knows how to win.