December 19, 2014

Straight Dealin': Dodgers Go Big at the Trading Deadline

Hanley Ramirez.  Randy Choate.  Shane Victorino.  Brandon League.  Did the Dodgers really pick up all four of those guys at the trading deadline? Un-freaking-believable.  Say what you will about the Dodgers not landing Ryan Dempster (or any starting pitcher for that matter) after trading away starter Nathan Eovaldi, but this ownership group made a statement that that they are here to win – and win soon.

Before the game, Magic Johnson said (per Eric Stephen): “We definitely want to win this year.  We’re not sitting back waiting on next year or the year after.  We want to win now.  We had needs, and we feel like we upgraded our team.”

But best of all, General Manager Ned Colletti didn’t give up any of his top-tier minor leaguers, instead keeping those guys off the block and moving strong minor leaguers (along with Eovaldi and Josh Lindbloom) while stockpiling arms in the bullpen, adding outfield depth and an explosive (albeit temperamental) young third baseman/shortstop who will be with the Dodgers for another two years.

And with the NL West all tied up with the Giants and the Diamondbacks lurking in the shadows, this summer is looking really, really exciting.

Go Blue!

Photo Credit: REUTERS/Katoly Arvai