December 20, 2014

Loaiza vs. Park…Game On!

While unexpected, you’ve got to love this battle for the 5th starting spot in the rotation between Loaiza vs. Park. In the latest round on Saturday, Chan Ho struck first by allowing just one unearned run in five innings in the Dodgers’ first game in China. But Esteban Loaiza struck back later in the day with three hits and one (very lucky) run in five innings.

The difference between the two? Park is a non-roster Spring Training invitee and Loaiza is owed $6.5 million this season. Both men are pitching exceptionally well for the #5 slot, but Loaiza has the inside track at this stage, given his relative consistency and hefty salary.

The question is, what becomes of the intriguing Chan Ho Park? I was emailing with fellow blogger Brian Kamenetzky over at Blue Notes, and he accurately noted that which ever player does not make the team would need to clear waivers before giving the Dodgers the opportunity to stash them away in AAA. Given the dearth of pitching in the majors these days, it’s hard to imagine either of these making their way back to LA, but it’s an interesting question.

So who is your preference: Loaiza or Park?