December 19, 2014

Economic Recession May Claim Dodger Trolley

Santa Monica City Bus

Ahh 2008…I remember it well. Unemployment was under 5%, gas was climbing ever closer to $4 a gallon, and the Dodger faithful were getting sick and tired of sitting in the parking lot known as the 110 freeway waiting to pay over $10 to park at Dodger Stadium. The public cried out for a more sensible solution, and the City of Los Angeles (along with the Dodgers organization) responded with a bus service to help out the fans.

What a difference 6 months makes. Gas is back around $2 a gallon, unemployment is pushing 7%, and state and local governments are looking for a federal bailout. Costs must be cut – the people be damned!

One of those cuts looks to be the Dodger Trolley. Short of a major sponsorship deal to cover the hundreds of thousands of dollars needed to pay for the service, we’re likely to head back to the 110 fwy as we await our privilege to pay closer to $20 to park in Chavez Ravine.