December 20, 2014

Rumor Mill: Esteban German to Dodgers?

No sooner do I finish my post on Hu’s potential move to 3rd base, that I see the following bit o’ news from the Kansas City Star:

The rumor mill is picking up. One has the Royals discussing a deal to send utilityman Esteban German to the Dodgers for right-handed pitchers Jonathan Meloan and Miguel Pinango.

This is one of those potential trades that makes me cringe. A trade like this says the Dodgers just don’t have the confidence in Hu or DeWitt, either of whom I’d love to see the Dodgers at least give a shot to at third base. If I were to describe German it would be ho-hum at best. Listen to these 2007 numbers: 264 average, 4 HR, 37 RBI, 11 steals. A serviceable starter, but that’s about it. Note: he was a bench player on my fantasy team last year so I’ve kept a close eye on the guy over the course of the past season. In short, nothing special.

Let’s look at the Dodgers rumored to be involved in this deal: Meloan was the Double-A Relief Pitcher of the Year and a Baseball America Double-A All-Star who ended the season in Triple-A. A good potential set-up guy for the future. Just based on these stats, I’d like to keep the guy. Pinango is a Triple-A starter who went 10-7 with a 4.20 ERA. Don’t know much about him.

The real question is what does German bring to the Dodgers that Hu and DeWitt do not? DeWitt is a stud in the making. Sure, he’s young and starting in the bigs is probably a huge step for the kid, but again, does German help the team significantly more than the guys we already have? German is versatile, and can play around the infield, but I’m not sold on him. You know what I think, now share your opinion!

Hu’s on Third?

As reported in numerous media outlets, the Dodgers will try Chin-Lung Hu at third base as a possible short-term replacement for Nomar and Andy LaRoche.  I actually really like this move.  What I don’t want to see is the Dodgers trade for some aging third baseman and give up one of the kids in the process.  I know the blogs are full of people doubting Juan Pierre and are eager to see him go, but I still think he brings something to the table with his speed and am glad to see him in the lineup for today’s game (along with Hu on third).  Let’s see how Hu does today and if the infielder can adapt to the quicker pace that the corner position demands over his usual second base.