December 20, 2014

Oh, My! Dick Enberg is the New Voice of the Padres

We’re obviously spoiled here in LA when it comes to baseball play-by-play broadcasters, but the San Diego Padres made a surprising addition to their broadcasting lineup for 2010 by hiring legendary broadcaster Dick Enberg who will serve as the team’s television play-by-play man.  Enberg will call all games, except for those that fall during the U.S. Open.

As I began writing this post,’s Corey Brock came out with a Q&A with Enberg where he recalls being paired with former Dodger Don Drysdale in the Angels’ broadcast booth, starting way back in 1973:

“When Don Drysdale became my partner … life became brilliant. It didn’t matter if you were winning or losing. With Drysdale, the broadcasts were fun. Being with Don … he wouldn’t let you get down. I would take the losses too seriously and he would say, “C’mon professor” — he would always call me professor — “they don’t care, so you shouldn’t care. I’ll buy you a drink.” I’ve been fortunate to have so many great colleagues. With baseball, you’re with that man more than in any other sport. He was always happy. It was a shame he went too quickly.”

Geoff Baker with The Seattle Times also has a fun story on running into Enberg the other day in Peoria, where the Padres and Mariners share a Spring Training facility.

I’m really looking forward to hearing Enberg call a few innings of a Dodgers-Padres game or two, and am always thrilled when another broadcasting powerhouse comes to Southern California.  Welcome, Dick!

Photo Credit: The Seattle Times