December 21, 2014

What Does Kuroda Bring to the LA Dodgers?

Hiroki Kuroda

A lot of people are asking what exactly does Hiroki Kuroda bring to the Dodgers (besides a hefty price tag)?

Good question. For starters, he delivers a fastball that averages about 93 mph and ranges between 89 and 95 mph. He tends to be a strike machine, delivering lots of speed in the strike zone and can also put down a slider at 89 mph.

Surprisingly, Dodgers GM Ned Colletti never actually saw Kuroda pitch in person. They relied solely on tape to make their decision. Logan White, in speaking to, said “I put my reputation on the guy…he’s legit.”

As a part of Hiroshimo Toyo Carp, Kuroda was 103-89 with a 3.69 ERA over 11 seasons with the team. He made the Japan all-stars each of the past three years and was 12-8 in 2007 with a 3.56 ERA.