December 19, 2014

Dodger Fan Tiger Woods Pisses off Philadelphia Enquirer During NLCS

OK, so you if you visit our blog frequently, you know we highlight Tiger Woods’ love for the Dodgers from time to time. Tiger was again in attendance cheering on the team, this time in Frank McCourt’s box, no less during game 3 of the NLCS at Dodger Stadium. Tiger was featured on the Jumbotron and many photos were snapped of him (see above).

Now, I realize that there weren’t many A-list stars at the game (none, really unless you count the likes of Ryan Seacrest or Danny Devito – heck, Fox was reduced to talking about Mary Hart and Pat Sajack in the crowd), but clearly the loss to the Dodgers has folks from Philadelphia looking to take shots at anyone – including Tiger Woods.

In his morning diatribe, John Gonzalez of the Philadelphia Enquirer wrote the following about Tiger Woods:

Tiger Woods: He was at the game. If he’s healthy enough to cheer on the Dodgers, he should be healthy enough to be on the golf course. I’m now certain the guy faked his injury.

WOW – that’s the best that they could come up with? If you read the article, you’ll see how Philadelphia is in an all-out cryfest about EVERYTHING that happened in the game. This includes:

1. The crowd getting on Moyer for beaning Russel Martin in the first inning
2. L.A. fans doing the wave
3. Various chants for Manny Ramirez
4. Chase Utley being called out at second base (insert “ha ha!” cry from the Simpsons bully here)

Hey Philly – you are still up 2-1. Time to man up and acknowledge that this was never going to be a sweep and take the good with the bad (see our earlier posts on the series as an example)

carry on…