November 26, 2014

Steve Garvey Looking to Own Pro Sports Franchise

Steve Garvey - photo credit

USA Today had a short interview with Steve Garvey earlier this week where the 62 year-old former Dodger indicated he’s part of a consortium that’s looking to purchase a professional sports team.

The investor group seems to have a pretty wide range of candidates, as Garvey indicated that they had looked at everything from European and British soccer teams to basketball and baseball franchises. Garvey said he was looking for a franchise that was “downtrodden or beaten up a little bit” so his group could restore it to its former glory.

Although Garvey didn’t mention interest in the Dodgers specifically in his video remarks, USA Today indicated that the investor group was specifically interested in the team should it come up for sale in the future.

Check out the entire USA Today interview with Garvey below