December 18, 2014

South Koreans Overpower Venezuela to Reach WBC Finals

Thought it was interesting to see the South Koreans overpower Venezuela last night in the World Baseball Classic semifinals, especially given their lack of major-league experience (one major leaguer vs. 22 major leaguers and 8 MLB All-Stars).  But what they lack in MLB games, they certainly make up for with teamwork and a near flawless approach to the execution of the game. 

Kevin Baxter has as a great story in today’s LA Times about the South Koreans, but my favorite line was this:

“I only saw Carlos Silva a couple of times on television,” Manager In Sik Kim said of Venezuela’s starting pitcher. “I don’t know anything more.”

Classic.  Here’s hoping that scenario doesn’t repeat itself (to a lesser degree) with tonight’s second semifinal game of Japan vs. the USA. will be at the WBC finals tomorrow night and we’re looking forward to rooting on the U.S., so let’s go Oswalt!