October 23, 2014

Sabathia Gone, Dodgers Going After Wilson?

While I know I’ve spouted off about the need to make a deal (especially for a shortstop), trading Matt Kemp for Jack Wilson straight-up is sheer lunacy! Kemp is one of the brightest stars of the Dodgers’ future, and trading him for an average shortstop is ridiculous. Yes, the club could win the NL West with the right move, but this isn’t going to put them over the top in terms of winning the pennant. This would be a move made by Ned out of sheer desperation and is cause for immediate dismissal. Surely the Dodgers brain trust can see the disaster that this move would bring with the fans, right? I’m trusting that after all the time Ned has spent defending the younger players, that he wouldn’t just go out and trade Kemp the moment he decided one or more were expendable.

At the very least, you would hope the Dodgers would package 1-2 of their high-profile younger players/prospects together for two of the following three holes: a #1 starter, a big bat and a quality shortstop. But trading Kemp for an average (albeit solid) shortstop, is just wrong. Hopefully this is just a rumor, but time will tell. You just never know with Ned.