December 20, 2014

Rumored ESPN Los Angeles Team is Full of All-Stars

Like all MLB trade rumors, let’s take the following with a grain of salt until all parties have confirmed or denied the accuracy of The Big Lead’s story below.

From The Big Lead:

A source has leaked us the staff for the new team, and Eric Neel, the site’s managing editor, has assembled a talented group of writers. ESPN has done some serious poaching, allegedly stealing writers from the LA Times, LA Daily News, and Sports If all the following names are correct, this lineup is stronger than what ESPNBoston, ESPNDallas and ESPNChicago have assembled. The site launches Monday … just in time for ABC to relentlessly promote it during Lakers-Cavaliers on Christmas Day.

According to our source, this is the assembled team:

* J.A. Adande will be a columnist
* Ramona Shelburne is leaving her columnist position at the LA Daily News to be a staff writer
* Andrew Kamenetzky, who was/is a freelancer for ESPN the Magazine and LA Times Lakers blogger will be an ESPNLA staff writer*
* Brian Kamenetzky, who is/was a freelancer for ESPN the Magazine and LA Times Lakers blogger will be an ESPNLA staff writer*
* Dave McMenamin, who is/was at, will cover the Lakers
* Jon Weisman, who blogs about the Dodgers for the LA Times 
* Arash Markazi, who is’s pop culture maven/resident party guy will be a staff writer
* Tony Jackson, formerly of the LA Daily News, will cover the Dodgers for ESPNLA
[UPDATE]: * We hear that Mark Saxon of the OC Register has been hired to cover USC and the Anaheim Angels.

If true, this is one hell of a collection of some of LA’s best sportswriters and a real coup for in collecting so many of them under one banner (or Web address).  If the site shakes out as outlined above, it really does have the opportunity to eventually change the way in which LA fans get news and communicate about their teams.

So far, in the last hour and a half, both Ramona Shelbourme and Arash Markazi have confirmed their moves via Twitter.  Tony Jackson was confirmed about 10 days ago.  Diamond Leung (long a favorite of Dodger fans everywhere) is also going over to as a college hoops writer.

My question is: what about Jon Weisman?  Either way, we’re lucky to have him covering the Dodgers!