December 20, 2014

Rumor Mill: Free Agent Andruw Jones?

According to TJ Simers at the Los Angeles Times and confirmed by Yahoo! Sports, that’s a scenario that the Dodgers are exploring with Jones’ agent, potentially through a deferred buyout or maybe a jinky contract extension moving the money owed to future years. Along with every other Dodger fan with a pulse, a contract buyout is something that we heartily endorse and a fantastic way to start off the new year fresh. Nothing like washing away the sins of 2008, right?

BTW, we loved the story about how the Giants are reportedly interested in entering the Man-Ram sweepstakes. Yeah, right. I’m sure those knuckleheads up in SF are indeed interested in having Manny in their outfield to sell some tickets now that they have The Big Unit on board for one year, but do you think Boras would seriously consider parking Manny in the Bay for 4-5 years? That’s the baseball equivalent of doing a stint in Alcatraz. Boras knows he needs another bidder to drive the price up with the Dodgers, and what better team to use than The Hated Ones?


  1. This one definitely didn’t come cheap, but the Dodgers get to part ways for only $12 mil and can defer that cost while Jones gets to seek a new deal elsewhere.

    Sounds good to me! See ya Andruw – don’t let the door hit you on the way out.