December 19, 2014

Repko’s Back


Happy MLK Day, everyone!  Just read on Tony Jackson’s blog that the Dodgers came to terms on another one-year deal with outfielder Jason Repko, thus avoiding arbitration.  According to Jackson, Repko will get a small raise in base pay to $500,000 (up $12,500).  Now considering that Repko had a whopping 20 at bats in 2008, that means he received $24,375 per at bat.  I did a little quick research, and in 2008 Manny earned $34,293 per at bat and A-Rod earned $54,901 per at bat.  In 2007 dollars, this would have landed Repko at #17 on the list, right behind Johnny Damon and right before David Ortiz – not bad! (Note: I know these stats require a minimum number of at bats, but still thought it was a fun statistic to look up).

I’ve always liked Repko as a #5 outfielder and am glad to see the Dodgers came to terms with the guy (even if his name is not you-know-who).

PS – Speaking of you know you, just heard from someone over at the Dodgers that all is definitely quiet on the Manny Ramirez front…we’ll let you know if we anything changes!


  1. Hal Dombrowsky says:

    Jason Repko is a young man that I have known for close to 10 years and watched him develope into a major league ball player. The only rap against him is that he has to stay healthy each season. With enough at bats the hits will come.
    If Jason cannot get the playing time with the Dodgers he would be better off playing for another team that will play him every day.
    After playing a full season without getting hurt last year I look for Jason to have a fine season.

  2. DodgerFan says:

    Totally agree Hal. I’d love to see Jason get more at bats, but that certainly wasn’t going to happen with the crowded outfield we had last year. With Andruw Jones gone, hopefully that will free up some playing time even if Manny does comes back.