December 20, 2014

Nancy Bea Hefley Gets Increased Playing Time on Friday Night

One of my favorite parts of going to Dodger games is listening to the sweet sounds of of team organist Nancy Bea Hefley between innings.  Now in her 23rd year with the club, Nancy Bea is a fan favorite, yet sadly, her profession seems to be something of a dying breed among MLB  clubs these days.

But fear not, organ music fans!  During Friday night’s game, Nancy Bea is going to have an increased role throughout the game, playing songs from the 50’s as part of the Dodgers’ “55 Since ’55” promotion.  The first 20,000 fans in attendance also get a special Vin Scully poster, as seen here.  Tickets are still available, by the way.

In addition, we’re excited to announce that we’re going behind the scenes on Friday night and will be shadowing Nancy throughout this special game, so be sure and check back for Twitter updates all night long.  The full story, including our exclusive interview and photos, will be up on Saturday.  This will be the second in our periodic series of profiles of great Dodger employees that make the fan experience so enjoyable.  For those of you new to our site, be sure and check out our story on Dodger team photographer Jon SooHoo and our experience shadowing him during a Spring Training game earlier this year.

UPDATE: The Nancy Bea Hefley story is up!


  1. I love this. It seems like there is a lot of “dead air” at Dodger Stadium. I’ll sit there wondering why there isn’t more music. Any music would be nice, but what I really want is more Nancy Bea. I’m glad she got some more playing time on Friday night.