December 18, 2014

Matt Kemp and Rihanna Hit People Magazine

While the baseball and entertainment worlds have been colliding once again over the Matt Kemp and Rihanna news, coverage has hot a new high with People Magazine covering the romance in their latest issue.  Dodger fans will find the story amusing as the story is called “Five Things To Know About Rihanna’s Beau.”  Nothing new for Dodger fans, but it’s interesting to see how the mainstream media is portraying Matt.  Here’s an excerpt:

He’s Nicknamed “The Bison”
During his second major league game in 2006 against the Atlanta Braves, Kemp stole second base, prompting TV announcer Don Sutton to say Kemp looked like “a big buffalo running around the bases” – and a nickname was born.

While I’m certainly happy for Matt, I just hope he keeps things in perspective and doesn’t stray too far away from his off-season conditioning program that he’s been Tweeting about over the past few months.  We need another big season from The Bison in 2010!

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