December 20, 2014

Loney is Looney

James Loney

Great article in today’s Long Beach Press Telegram about James Loney’s lighthearted sense of humor that’s worth a read. Interesting to see Torre comparing Loney’s sense of humor to Bernie Williams…I wasn’t aware Bernie was considered a funny guy. The other interesting thing that Doug Padilla points out is that just because Loney has a carefree outlook on life, he’s still serious about the craft of baseball and putting the work in that’s necessary in order to succeed.

“James is tremendous,” Torre said. “I just wish I could have gotten (former New York Yankee) Bernie Williams to the ballpark in New York to get those two together. They have the same personality, which is a positive.

“I noticed this on the board when they asked who was the funniest guy. They all said James and they were laughing about it. That’s Bernie too. He’s funny without knowing he’s funny.”