December 19, 2014

Live from the Press Box: Dodgers Game Chat

If anyone is interested in chatting during tonight’s Dodgers-Diamondbacks game, just post a comment below.  I’ll be responding throughout the game, and also periodically providing my own observations from my pre-game interviews and general travels through the halls of Dodger Stadium.  Go Blue!


  1. I saw Vin Scully in the media dining room just now, and he was looking as spry as ever! Every time I see Vin at the ballpark, he’s chatting with old friends and just seems to generally being enjoying himself…a very good thing!

  2. It’s a chilly 61 degrees here tonight…wish I’d brought a heavier coat!

  3. One of the things I like most about covering these games is how cool members of the media are, particularly Dylan Hernandez and Josh Suchon. I only show up periodically, but they always say hi and chat for a bit. Steve Dilbeck also good naturedly game me a hard time while we both moved for an open spot while interviewing Stan Conte. Good guys all around.

  4. Hey how are things tonight – is the place packed and are the fans excited?

  5. Hope you’re enjoying it!

  6. Yeah, it’s pretty full. The natives were getting restless during that break when the grounds crew was fixing second base though. Billinsley looked pretty rocky in the fourth after a good first three innings. Hopefully he can hold on into the sixth or longer. This bullpen needs a break.

  7. Always, Jon! Nice to get the insider’s perspective from time to time.

  8. Wow, Bills threw 25 pitches in the fourth inning and then 26 in the fifth for 96 total. Yech. Doesn’t look like he’s going to make it to the seventh unless he can get some quick outs. Historical note: Billingsley hasn’t recorded an out in the seventh inning since July 5, 2009.

  9. Not sure if I think Torre is managing the pitching staff well so far this season. Billingsley seemed to be in too long tonight and I doubt Troncoso will be able to do much tonight. Middle relief is a big problem for the dodgers right now…

  10. Yeah, Andy, middle relief is the #1 problem for the Dodgers right now. I think that’s part of the reason Torre left Chad in their for so long (116 pitches). Their just aren’t that many reliable arms down there, and some of them have been taxed a lot lately. This is Troncoso’s sixth appearance in the last eight games and Weaver has been used so much that Torre said during his pre-game media chat that he’s off the table for tonight and porbably tomorrow.

  11. I swear the last time I was here the game went four hours, and it looks like we’re heading near there tonight!

  12. Ok, bottom of the 10th…let’s make it happen….

  13. My little boy is not allowed to use the word “hell”… neither should the TV announcer.