December 20, 2014

Kemp Ties Club Home Run Record for April in Dodgers Loss

First the good news: Matt Kemp continued his amazing April with his 10th home run in the first month of the season, typing Gary Sheffield’s club record from April 2000.

Sure, Kemp has made a few questionable decisions this season (he had a couple of base running and fielding issues last night), but the guy has been lights out at the plate and generally in the field, driving in 23 RBI with a .449 AVG, a .513 OBP and a .942 slugging percentage.  That prediction of 50 home runs doesn’t seem so far fetched right about now (no comment on the 50 SB prediction), but regardless, Kemp is clearly playing like the best player in baseball and he’s a joy for Dodger fans to watch night in and night out.

And from Jon Weisman I learned that Ted Lilly has taken over the major-league ERA lead at 0.90…not bad for the old man!

Now for the bad news: Unfortunately for the Dodgers, the team blew a 2-1 lead in the 9th against the Braves when Javy Guerra gave up what seemed like an endless stream of hits (it was five) after getting smashed in the jaw with a line drive.  You’ve got to wonder about Mattingly’s decision to leave Guerra in the game after the jaw shot, but to be fair the guy did look good to go on TV.  Can’t say I would have acted differently than Mattingly.

Anyway, this all led to a 4-2 loss, dropping the Dodgers to 13-6 on the season…but hey, they still lead the NL West, right?

Photo Credit: Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers 2012


  1. I am an all out Dodgers fan. As well as the Dodgers have started their season, as a faithful fan, when they lose sure I am disappointed but common sense tells me, they can not win all their games. From time to time they are bound to lose some games. But in all they have gotten off to a good start in their
    2012 Season, hopefully this is a positive sign they will be the National League Champion again.

  2. Totally agree, Beverly. The Dodgers are going to lose games along the way and they certainly have gotten off to a better start than I think most people have anticipated. So far it’s been a great season…now we just need the rest of the offense to keep up with Kemp and Ethier, and for the bullpen to start coming through a bit more.

    Thanks for the comment!