December 20, 2014

Just Say No to the Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog

Has anyone else heard the constant barrage of radio advertisements and seen the online ads (including on this Web site) by Farmer John, touting their campaign to make their Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog “the official hot dog of Los Angeles”?

Uh, Farmer John?  Remember your other world-famous product, the Dodger Dog?  I guess not.


Here’s the copy from their website:

As a local company with over 70 years of experience in Los Angeles, Farmer John is proud to support the efforts to make the Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog the Official Hot Dog of our fair city.

FARMER JOHN® products, including the world famous DODGER DOG®, have been a part of the culinary history of Los Angeles for years.

So it’s truly fitting that the company that produces the highest quality hot dogs and bacon in Southern California is sponsoring the campaign to put the Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog in its rightful place as the Official Hot Dog of Los Angeles.

Sure, this is just an ad campaign and not a real vote, but I find it a little strange that Farmer John of all people is trying to pump their Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog by inadvertently slamming their own signature product: the Dodger Dog!  This may work in other cities, Farmer John, but Angelenos will not stand for such hypocrisy!

Don’t get me wrong, I love a great bacon wrapped hot dog as much as the next guy, but clearly the Dodger Dog is far and away the official hot dog of Los Angeles and in an official vote it would destroy the competition among baseball fas and general consumers.  Maybe I should take on a new job as the campaign director for the “Concerned Citizens to Make the Dodger Dog the Official Hot Dog of Los Angeles.”  Who’s with me???

I challenge Farmer John to launch a true vote for the Best Hot Dog of Los Angeles.  Let the best dog win.