December 19, 2014

Jackie Robinson Legacy Day A Fitting Predecessor to Black History Month

Today marks what would have been Jackie Robinson’s 90th birthday, and the Dodgers organization (along with some of Robinson’s former teammates) welcomed over 200 elementary school kids to Jackie Robinson Legacy Day: A Celebration of Life at Dodger Stadium, the kickoff to the team’s eight-day Community Caravan through the Southland.

Former Dodger great Don Newcombe, always a class act, had this to say “As long as God allows me to be on this earth I’ll do whatever I can to promote some remembrance of this great American named Jackie Robinson…I’ll never forget what he did for me and my career and my life. And I don’t think he should ever be forgotten, and the Dodgers are always in the right frame of mind to do something to remember Jackie.”

I, for one, am glad that the Dodgers are honoring Jackie Robinson on the eve of black history month – particularly with kids that deserve to learn about his life and the barriers that he broke for many in this country.