December 18, 2014

Is 2008 a breakout year for Kemp?

You’ve got to wonder if all the trade rumors finally lit a fire under Kemp. Either that, or he’s trying to show the veterans on the club that he’s serious about winning. Regardless of the reason, Dylan Hernandez at the LA Times reported back on January 18 that Kemp’s dropped 25 pounds and has been working out in Arizona all winter. Now that’s impressive – Matt could have easily sat back and waited for Spring Training. After all, the guy’s only 23 and he certainly wasn’t fat by any stretch. What this shows me is that he wants to be a part of this team, and I’m all for keeping guys that want to be here (as Ned Colletti has said many a time). If Matt’s efforts at becoming an everyday starter are successful, the question then turns to who is the #3 outfielder: Juan Pierre or Andre Eithier? I’ll reserve judgement until Spring Training, but it seems a shame to pay Pierre all that cash to ride the pine, but an even bigger shame to play him because of a contract.