December 19, 2014

How Sweet It Is!

Dodgers hurler Hiroki Kuroda, seen here, of Japan out-pitched ...

Ok, it’s only one game, but you gotta love today’s 4-1 victory over the Padres.  Kuroda looked sharp and Loney and Kemp proivided the power the team needed.  Sure, Kuroda got in a bit of a pickle in the sixth, but Cory Wade came through in the clutch getting two big outs with the bases stacked.  That same bullpen pitched 3 1/3 of great baseball, allowing no runs to score.  And to top it off, Broxton made quick work of the Pad’s in the ninth with a 1, 2, 3 inning.

I just wish I could have watched the game, but that think called a job keeps getting in the way of my Dodger games.

Let’s start game 2!


  1. How is Kuroda even standing upright in that picture? Crazy!