December 20, 2014

Here’s something Ned Colletti can actually win!

Yup, it’s a poll looking for the worst GM in baseball from the folks at Our boy Ned is the #3 seed battling #6 seed J.P. Ricciardi of the Toronto Blue Jays. As of 11:10 p.m. on Monday evening, Ned is “winning” 2-1 with 30 votes compared to J.P.’s 15 votes. Supporting arguments for Ned are supported by the following quote: “Juan’s ability to hit combined with his speed make him a perfect catalyst for our lineup,” general manager Ned Colletti said. “I’ve long admired how he plays the game.” Only time will tell how this plays out, so get out there and vote!


  1. Juan Pierre: 45 million
    Jason Schmidt: 47 million
    Andru Jones: 36 million
    Ned Colletti’s face on a milk carton: PRICELESS!