December 18, 2014

GM Contenders: Kim Ng and Logan White

Unfortunately, both are not candidates are not for the Dodgers GM position.  From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

GM CHATTER: The Mariners probably will wait until the offseason before deciding what to do about their general manager’s job. For now, Pelekoudas is the interim GM, and he will be one of the candidates down the line.

Club president Chuck Armstrong isn’t saying who else he might be thinking about, but the speculation around baseball is getting up to speed.

The Los Angeles Times reported that while the Mariners haven’t called to ask about any of the potential Dodgers candidates, Los Angeles GM Ned Colletti said he would grant permission if asked.

The Dodgers personnel include Kim Ng, an assistant GM for the past seven seasons who is seen as the most highly qualified woman when GM jobs are talked of, and Logan White, who has run the L.A. scouting department the past seven years.

“They’re both worthy,” Colletti told the Times.

Ng is believed to be interested in the job and White, who played in the Seattle minor league system, told the Times he would be interested in discussing the job.

Losing either Ng or White would be really bad news for the Dodgers organization.  Ng is known as a shrewd negotiator (she handles many of the club’s arbitration cases) and we all know White’s credentials with the copious amounts of young talent currently in the farm system.

Frank McCourt, now is the time to act.  If Ned is your man, so be it.  But don’t be naive enough to think that the club could afford to lose either of these two All-Star front office execs.  Do what you need to do to lock these two up for the foreseeable future.


  1. I agree Chris – Colletti needs to act. However, what can he offer that would keep one of these rising stars in L.A.? Granted, the Mariners aren’t exactly a picture of greatness right now, but getting a GM post would be tough for either to pass up unless they REALLY want to be in L.A.

  2. DodgerFan says:

    I definitely think it would be easier to keep Logan White. In my opnion, the answer lies in paying the guy more and increasing his area of responsibility as an Assistant GM. Logan was passed up last year by the Astros, so we dodged a bullet there, but that won’t happen many more times.

    Ng is a different story as she is totally ready and qualified to be a GM. It would be a historic hire for the Mariners, and the type of hire that you expect from the Dodgers organization. If McCourt is committed to Ned, then this is a moot point. However, if he’s wavering in his support, then he needs to level with Ng and try and keep her around with the promise of serious consideration for the Dodgers GM position in case he cuts Ned loose in the off-season.

  3. DodgerFan says:

    The more I think about this, the more I think Ned needs to be fired and Logan White promoted to GM. White knows the kids on the roster better than anyone, and he’s proven to be an excellent judge of talent. Losing White to another organization would be a disaster that would rock the organization’s foundation: the farm system.