December 20, 2014

Give the Game Ball to Cory Wade

Cory Wade

Cory Wade

Dodger fans that showed up early were treated to a fantastic first inning when all nine players got into the act, slamming Phil’s pitcher Jamie Moyer for five runs.  I went to the game with two Phillies fans, and as one said before the game, “If Moyer can just establish a routine and get out of the first inning, we should be ok.”  Not gonna happen.  Despite a fantastic game by Kuroda, the knockout blow actually came in the seventh inning when Wade came in with runners on first and second, one run in and no outs.  I think it’s reasonable to assume that if the Phils had scored a few more runs there, they would have started believing they had a shot.  Instead, Wade sent them packing and delivered two crucial innings for the Dodgers.

And what was up with that bench-clearing moment?  Looks like one “accidentally” got away from Kuroda – most likely in retaliation for the BS that went on with Russell Martin last night.  Hopefully that’s the end of it and we can go back to some good ol’ fashioned baseball tomorrow.

Finally, give another game ball to the fans tonight!  I’ll be uploading a few great shots from the Ravine a bit later, but their enthusiasm and passion definitely helped the Dodgers tonight.  Great job Dodger fans – let’s bring it again tomorrow!


  1. Wade did look solid tonight – he doesn’t have that much speed but his control is fantastic. Hard to believe that he started the year playing AA ball!