December 19, 2014

Get Over Yourself, Andruw

So lately I’ve been reading a lot of stories about our pal Andruw Jones about how he doesn’t answer to the fans when it comes to his performance.  My response is simple: get over yourself Andruw.  You, your $18 million contract and your .170 batting average (with one HR and five measly RBI) certainly do answer to the fans, especially on a team where you are the centerpiece of our offense!  The guy is fat, stubborn and a PR nightmare for the club.  Check out this quote from T.J. Simers’ column from May 10:

“I don’t care,” he said. “You play for the team, you don’t play for the fans. The fans never played the game. They don’t know.”

But they DO know Andruw.  They know when a guy has something seriously wrong with him and they do know how that $18 million annual salary impacts ticket prices, parking and food.  They also know when a guy is just going through the motions.

So get over yourself Andruw.  Lose the weight, work on your swing and for God sakes, at least pretend that you’re excited to be a professional baseball player.