December 19, 2014

Game Notes: Dodgers-Mariners

Hey everyone – As Alex noted, I’m in the press box tonight, so ask any questions, and I’ll do my best to get ‘em answered for you!

A few observations so far:

The San Marino Little League was out tonight!  As a former San Marino Little Leaguer, I was psyched to see the kids out for the game and catching a little BP (pictures coming later).

Ken Griffey Jr. isn’t playing tonight, but is expected to start in the outfield for the next two games.  Hopefully he’ll come in as a pinch hitter later in the game as I’ve really been looking forward to seeing that swing again.

Beltre’s shoulder seems to be an ongoing problem, acknowledging before the game that it’s pretty much bothering him all the time.

Pau Gasol looked sharp throwing out the first pitch from the rubber in what turns out to be his first professional baseball game!

Speaking of looking sharp…Kershaw is looking really good…five strikeouts over the first three innings.

Ethier goes deep to left-center field with a three-run bomb…gotta love it.

8:03: the crowd behind home plate begins chanting “Let’s Go Lakers!” Pau gives the fans a wave and a smile to say thanks.

8:08: Nice pitching by Kershaw to get Jojima to ground into that double-play!

Ok, all updates will now be in the comments section so this page isn’t being constantly updated…


  1. The Japanese media are out in force tonight with Ichiro and Johjima playing (something tells me they’re here for Ichiro)

  2. Is the pressbox pretty full tonight given the Ichiro presence as well?

  3. Clayton Kershaw gets his first major-league RBI, driving home Matt Kemp from third!

  4. Yeah, it’s packed tonight. Everyone up here is super cool (as always)

  5. looks like Kershaw has really been keeping it together tonight!

  6. Yeah, Kershaw looked pretty fantastic through the first three innings then ran into trouble in the fourth. He was lucky to get out of that inning giving up just the one run – it could have been a lot worse!

  7. Also, it’s Japanese Heritage Night, so it’s totally appropriate that the Japanese media are in the house!

  8. Stat of the Night: This was Andre Ethier’s fifth multi-home run game of the year. The Dodgers single season record for multi-home run games is seven by Adrian Beltre (2004).

  9. The Dodgers just showed another Gasol highlight reel between the 7th and 8th innings and the crowd went NUTS giving Pau a standing ovation, which he returned to the fans. Awesome moment.

  10. Ethier’s three home runs are the most by a Dodger since Hee Seop Choi did it on June 12, 2005 (yes, you read that right, Hee Seop Choi had a three home run game!)