December 19, 2014

Five Tweets with…Dodgers Blogger Eric Stephen from

It’s time for the second installment in our new weekly series called “Five Tweets with..”  As a refresher, each week we select one person from the world of Major League Baseball and then beg, bribe, cajole and/or twist their arm until they participate.  We ask them five questions, they tweet their responses back to us, and we post ‘em here.  The questions do not change, but how people interpret and answer them does.  Think of this as our way to learn a little more about the people that play, cover, work with, tweet about and cheer on professional baseball teams, with an emphasis on the Dodgers.

This week we’re thrilled to have Eric Stephen from the influential Dodgers blog True Blue LA and @trueblueLA with us.  I love True Blue LA for many reasons, but a big one is how Eric and the team break down the numbers behind the Dodgers wins or losses, and then tell us all what they think it means for the team and for us as fans.  Their analytical look at what makes the Dodgers tick is fantastic, and their coverage only deepens our love and understanding of the game.

Note: Keep in mind that Eric kept to the spirit of the project by answering his questions via Twitter, so he had to make do with the 140 character limit for each answer. 

Five Tweets with… Dodgers Blogger Eric Stephen of

1. What excites you the most about this season?

Excited for Billingsley & Kershaw to lead rotation, Broxton to lead best bullpen in MLB, & the 90-HR outfield to win 3rd straight NL West.

2. What is your biggest concern about this season?

Biggest concern is health & potential regression of the 35+ crew (Manny, Blake, Kuroda), & that Vicente Padilla turns back to a pumpkin.

3. What is your earliest baseball memory?

Earliest game was 1982 with my cousin. I was 6. We were busy making jokes rather than watching the game. 1985 was first full year as fan.

4. What is your favorite baseball memory?

Kirk Gibson home run won’t be topped. Also loved Franklin Stubbs grand slam to beat Cardinals 7/6/88 (at game with my older brother).

5. Why do you love the game?

I love the pace of the game; no clock, no need to rush, anything is possible. Crack of the bat is one of the sweetest sounds in the world.