December 20, 2014

Ethan Martin Trivia

So like many of you, I’m trying to find more information on the Dodgers 19 year-old first round draft pick, pitcher Ethan Martin.  I did uncover one piece of trivia that did disturb me: the Dodgers have not won a playoff series in Martin’s lifetime!  Yup, he was born eight months afterthe team’s last post-season series win.  How sad is that?  (A tip o’ the cap to Mark Whicker at the OC Register for that factoid…check out his June 5 article to learn more about Martin).

Given the state of our state of our starting pitching, is it too soon to think about calling him up?  Hell, the Dodgers should have had a plane on standby waiting to take him straight to the ballpark after he was selected!


  1. Glad this streak was ended this year!