December 19, 2014

ESPN Los Angeles Launches Dodgers Coverage

ESPN Los Angeles launched this evening, and as previously reported, Tony Jackson is on board with his first story.  Welcome aboard Tony – we’re happy for you and look forward to continuing to enjoying your coverage of the team!

That said, it’s interesting and somewhat conspicuous to see that as of tonight there is no blogger coverage for the Dodgers on the site.  The Kametzky Brothers are on board with the Land O’ Lakers blog (which at a passing glance looks like a thoroughly entertaining series of posts).  There’s also a Clippers blog and a USC blog.   But why no Angels or Dodgers blog?  I suspect timing is to blame, with these additions coming very soon.  Nevertheless, the Dodgers coverage seems lacking when compared to the Lakers – off-season or not.

Food for thought: do the Raiders deserve a slot on the site?  After all, they were the last NFL team to reside in LA, and we know the passion for the Silver & Black runs deep in So Cal.  Hell, if ESPN is going to include the Angels and the Ducks, shouldn’t they also include Raider Nation?  Full disclosure: I love the Raiders and always will.  I know, I know.  My friends and family can’t understand it either.  Let’s just say I owe it all to Lyle Alzado.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to seeing what ESPN Los Angeles brings to the table and how they contribute to the greater conversation among Dodger fans everywhere.


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