December 20, 2014

Dodgers Show Andruw Jones The Door

There was no fireworks celebration or ticker tape parade, but there’s no doubt that Dodger fans are celebrating the official release of Andruw Jones today.

Although there has been no interest in signing Jones prior to his release, the 31 year-old five-time all-star is confident he’ll land somewhere in the majors, going so far as to state that he is not interested in a minor league contract and spending time working out with some of his old Braves teammates. Good luck with that, Andruw.

The Kamenetzky brothers had a good assessment of Dodgers management in their write-up today – it’s good to see that organizations can identify a no-win situation and take their lumps (e.g. releasing Jones and being obligated to pay him money in the future) rather than trying to fix something that can’t be repaired and traumatizing the organization during the process.

Adios Andruw.