December 20, 2014

Dodgers Open the Doors of Camelback Ranch to Team Bloggers


Camelback Ranch
Camelback Ranch

Today the Dodgers once again opened their doors to some of the team’s bloggers (including and and extended an opportunity to tour the new Camelback Ranch Spring Training facility.  Both Alex and I will be sharing our thoughts on the experience (and photos) over the course of the coming days, but we came away very impressed both with the facility, as well as the team’s ongoing commitment to social media.

Some of the most impressive things about the facility include how they’ve managed to keep many of the quirky traditions from Vero Beach, while also giving the coaches, players, staff and fans everything they’ve dreamed of, from state-of-the art video facilities, to a professional locker r00m to having 18 different beers available for fans to choose from. 

“It’s [Camelback Ranch] more about what the Dodgers should be,” said Vice President of Public Relations Josh Rawitch (and fellow blogger from Inside the Dodgers). 

Again, there’s way too much to cover off on now, but safe to say, this is truly a jewel in the desert and the McCourts deserve a lot of credit for pulling this off so quickly.

Additional highlights of the trip included meeting Hall of Famers Don Newcome and broadcaster Jaime Jarrin, chatting with Charley Steiner and sitting down for a good hour and fifteen minutes with general managers Ned Colletti.  We learned a tremendous amount about the thought that goes into every baseball decision the club makes, and we look forward to sharing these insights with you throughout the season.

Again, more to come, but we wanted to say thanks to Josh for organizing such a fantastic experience!