December 18, 2014

Dodgers Go All Out for Local Bloggers


As many of you know, the Dodgers hosted a group of local bloggers in a suite at Dodger Stadium last night in an effort to start a dialogue with the local blogging community. Hats off to Josh Rawitch (the Dodgers’ VP of Public Relations and Broadcasting) for putting together a stellar event, and for caring about new media outlets and their role in the greater landscape of the team.

Josh and his team put together an incredible event, and I wanted to touch on a few of the highlights:

As soon as we had settled into our seats with a tasty Dodger Dog in hand, in walks Ned Colletti. “Let’s talk,” he said, and thus began a fascinating 30-minute conversation where Ned offered his honest, blunt and straightforward views on the team as it stands now, the players and the future of the team from a personnel perspective. A truly fascinating conversation. Ned was very open, and a great communicator (his background as a former PR guy paid off). Ned also showed off his own personal style by sporting a great pair of cowboy boots (check out the photo below).

A few minutes later, in walks owner Frank McCourt. Equally honest and to the point, Frank thoroughly answered every question asked of him during his nearly hour-long visit. The result was a unique insight into how decisions are made within the organization, both from a baseball perspective, as well as when it comes to the business and community relations side of things.

Finally the last of Josh’s special guests for the evening arrived: Tommy Lasorda (who else?!?). Tommy did not disappoint entering the rooms with a shout of “Where are the bloggers?!?” Tommy captivated the room with stories from his decades managing the team, the characters he had on his clubs and his thoughts on the poignant tribute the current Dodger players gave him at the end of Spring Training. Tommy left the room with a shout of “Keep blogging!” (don’t think that’s a problem with this crowd).

Special guests aside, it was fantastic to meet some of the other bloggers that cover the team. Each person was intelligent, insightful, opinionated and well-spoken. I think we all are excited about staying in touch and building a better network of Dodger bloggers while also having increased access to the Club itself.

Other bloggers in attendance included:

Erin from Beantown West

Sax and Orel and one other blogger (sorry, I can’t remember your name!) from Sons of Steve Garvey

Ernest from Dodgers Blue Heaven

Robert from The Trolley Dodger

Robert from Dodger Dugout

Josh Rawitch from Inside the Dodgers

Finally, a huge thank you to Josh and his team for putting together a fantastic evening and really starting a productive and honest dialogue. As Josh said several times throughout the evening, “This is just the beginning.” I, for one, look forward to see what’s coming next.

One memorable line was from Ned Colletti. As he stood up to leave the suite he said, “Let’s do it again soon.” I know every blogger there agreed wholeheartedly.




  1. Kudos again, Chris, for suggesting this. We’re interested in hearing what else you have up your sleeve!


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