December 21, 2014

Dodgers Focus on Free agent Discussions During Exclusivity Period

The Dodgers may have waived their 2014 option on Mark Ellis and lefty Chris Capuano but that doesn’t mean that they won’t be negotiating with both players for a reduced role of some kind.

The team has exclusive negotiation rights through Monday to try and sign both players (along with the 10 other free agents from last season’s roster) and would likely be interested in each one of the price is right. While Capuano had the larger option ($8 million) he is less valuable to the team given his limited role this year due to injuries and the hefty average opposing batters had against him (.312).

Ellis seems like a good security blanket for the Dodgers if freshly signed Cuban free agent infielder Alexander Guerrero isn’t ready to go next spring. Whether he’s willing to accept a backup role (Ellis was a Gold Glove finalist) is another story. The Dodgers will be evaluating Guerrero during the Dominican winter league so I doubt their offer to Ellis over the next three days will be a strong one.

The Dodgers 12 free agents (according to MLB) are: Capuano, Ellis, Jerry Hairston, J.P. Howell, Carlos Marmol, Nolasco, Nick Punto, Skip Schumaker, Juan Uribe, Edinson Volquez, Brian Wilson, Michael Young, and Peter Moylan (he was designated for assignment and also elected free agency).


  1. Paul Godbey says:

    Offer Brian Wilson whatever he wants. This guy was a key cog to our bullpen and retaining him is very important. Keeping J.P. Howell, Juan Uribe, and Nick Punto will also be important toward maintaining the momentum and continuity from this past years team.