December 19, 2014

Dodgers Attendance Woes Worst in MLB for 2011

We’ve posted a few stats on the drop in attendance for Dodger home games this season via our twitter feed, and ESPN Los Angeles just provided a sobering update this afternoon:

Through June 1, home attendance at Dodger Stadium is down a total of 221,984 from last season, an average 7,161 fewer fans per game. This represents a 16.7 percent overall drop, which is by far the worst in baseball this season.

Attendance across MLB through Monday is down 381,786 from last season, an average of 426 fewer fans per game

The Dodgers organization continues to decline to discuss season ticket sales or overall attendance but it’s clear that the Dodgers are battling a double whammy of far fewer walk-up and single game advance ticket sales as well as a significant no-show rate that is plaguing baseball as a whole.

If you haven’t read Darren Rovell’s story entitled Does Major League Baseball Have an Attendance Problem then head over to CNBC right now and take a look (or watch the embedded video below). the number of people tweeting pictures with hashtags #emptystadium or #emptystadiums showing the disparity between reported attendance and actual butts-in-seats is surprising.


  1. S Van Sickle, Sr says:

    Yet another misleading headline designed to grab attention. The attendance might be lower for the
    Dodgers based on their previous numbers, but is still more than most clubs normal attendance.

  2. fair point – although the title was not meant to mislead. I should have Stated “Dodgers Attendance Decline Worst in MLB for 2011″. Their current avg attendace per game is about 35k or so according to baseball reference which ranks them 4th in the MLB. Their overall decline YOY, in absolute terms, is the largest in MLB.