December 18, 2014

Dodgerfan Team Heading to Spring Training

So as the Dodgerfan team moves on from the WBC and prepares for three days of Spring Training baseball this weekend, we’re a little bummed to miss James McDonald’s start today against the Rockies in Tucson.  McDonald is definitely a future starter, and while I know Ned would like to start the big guy in the bullpen to ease him into a full big league season, you can’t help but salivate over what this guy can bring to the table.  Plus, with Stults and Vargas imploding yesterday, things are looking up for Big James.

Over the course of the next few days, Alex and I will bring you our first-person accounts of the Camelback Ranch experience and facilities, as we post live from games throughout the weekend.  And if you have questions for the Dodgers or questions about anything at all about the Spring Training experience, just let us know and we’ll find out the answers.  Can’t wait to catch some Dodgers baseball tomorrow!