December 21, 2014

Dodger Chef Dave Pearson Delivers the Goods For Over 40 Years

We at have been reading a lot this anniversary year about many of the individuals close to the organization who are somewhat “unsung” heroes. We try to call out as many as we can – and Dave Pearson certainly deserves a call out for his work over the past 40 years.

Kudos to Steve Lopez at The Los Angeles Times for his interview with Pearson and colorful recount of his favorite memories over the past 40 years. A few highlights from that article:

– Pearson has missed only ONE home game in the last 40 years (and that was because of jury duty).

– According to Tommy Lasorda, Pearson’s meatballs are one of only three in the world worth eating.

– The Dodger’s Head Chef started out boiling Dodger Dogs before moving up to the Stadium Club and finally, about a decade ago, cooking for the press box and the private dining establishment “Dave’s Diner” (inside the stadium).

I’d encourage you to read the LAT article and take a look at the video of the article linked above.