December 20, 2014

Dining With ‘Dre, Carne Asada Style

Carne Asada Sunday

Those of you who enjoyed Nomar Garciaparra’s Carne Asada Sundays in past seasons, fear not – Andre Ethier has agreed to carry the torch and host the event on Sunday, May 3rd. Tickets are $60 and can be purchased by contacting (323) 224-1507 or online at Proceeds benefit the Dodgers Dream Foundation.
Note: You MUST have a game ticket in addition to paying the $60 entry fee to get in. The event takes place at the Loge Level Terrace following the game.

When we spoke to Dodgers Communications VP Josh Rawtich last week, he indicated that Andre was really interested in doing something where he could engage with the community and tie it to a Dodgers event – the Carne Asada event was a good fit and provides an experience that isn’t just an autograph signing fest. In fact, autographs will be available for hand out (courtesy of an 8×10 pre-signed photo) so Andre can actually “host”.

Ethier also has his own food blog, Dining with ‘Dre, which doesn’t get updated too often but does come across as authentic. Andre’s two latest entries share a couple of reviews from his home town of Phoenix and definitely shows his love for Mexican cuisine.

If you’ve been to Carne Asada Sunday before, share your thoughts – if you have expectations for the May event, post those too. We’ll do our best to pass them along to the Dodgers.